I’ve got so many questions in my DMs regarding my style and what I wear daily. The truth is I do not pay much attention to my everyday style – I like wearing basic pieces that are easy to pair and pull off. Here are my most common daily outfits:

1. White shirt, skinny jeans, statement belt, and dark-colored boots.

This is a standard outfit you can’t go wrong with. My favorite piece of this outfit is the statement belt that really dresses up this simple look.

2. Little black dress, oversized flannel shirt, and ankle boots.

I usually wear this look when I don’t have much time to get ready. I love pairing a not so elegant black dress with an open flannel – it adds casual ease to the whole outfit. To be honest, most days I wear my boyfriend’s flannel shirt – the more oversized, the better.

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3. White top, suede jacket, and skinny jeans.

This outfit looks a bit more expensive than the two previous ones, thanks to the suede jacket. If you are thinking about pulling this look, I would highly advise you to invest in a quality jacket, as it can make a world of a difference, while the rest of your outfit could literally be from Dollar Tree.

4. Leather leggings, sweatshirt, and sneakers

This is, by far, my favorite fall outfit – it’s cozy and makes you feel good all day. Since this is a pretty basic, three-piece look, I would suggest you dress it up with accessories – chokers, sunglasses, or stylish bags.

5. Crop top, overalls and sneakers.

I love a peek of midriff under my overalls! I usually go for a striped, black & white crop top and dark denim overalls.

Posted by:Dafne Pamplona